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Wuhan Textile University develops permanent UV protection technology

2018-04-02  Haining Yipin Socks Industry Co., Ltd. Views: 29

The reporter recently learned from Wuhan Textile University that the school's spinning laboratory has developed a cotton fiber with permanent anti-ultraviolet function, and permanent sun protection of clothing is expected to be realized. 

According to reports, traditional sunscreen fabrics use a special coating on the surface. However, the layers are easily peeled off during washing and dressing, and the sun protection cycle is short-lived. Not only can the formation of spots affect the appearance, but also only monochrome dyeing and coloring can be performed. single. Shen Xiaolin, head of the R&D team, said that after the yarns of the new technology are treated with a special process, the ultraviolet protection coefficient can be as high as 85, and the appearance is not different from that of ordinary fabrics. The new technology effectively overcomes the weaknesses of traditional UV protective clothing such as poor hand feeling, poor air permeability, single color, and short service life. The fabric formed by this method can be washed with water. After washing, it will not affect the appearance, and will not affect the sunscreen performance. At the same time, it also adapts to the requirements of the market for color and environmental protection. At the same time, because the raw material of this technology product is processed from cotton fiber, the cost is relatively low.