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Japan crown textile machine double-sided cold dyeing direct printing machine production line to achieve green manufacturing

2018-04-02  Haining Yipin Socks Industry Co., Ltd. Views: 17

On June 18, 2017, the double-sided cold-dyeing and direct-printing machine production line of Riguan (Fujian) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was unveiled at the 13th Cross-Straits Project Outcome, and gained widespread attention from all walks of life. “This machine is the first in the country and it is currently the fourth generation product.” Zhu Hongbo, assistant to the chairman of Suncor said, “The introduction of this machine has completely overturned the high energy consumption and high pollution of traditional dyeing and finishing machinery, and its environmental protection and energy saving The characteristics are exactly in line with the 'green manufacturing' direction pointed out in 'Made in Quanzhou 2025'." 

In Zhu Hongbo's view, the future development trend of the textile machinery manufacturing industry is focused on energy conservation and environmental protection. “Green textile” has become a new theme in the textile machinery manufacturing industry, and CNC, intelligent technology innovation advocated in Quanzhou Manufacturing 2025 The purpose of the application is precisely to increase the production capacity of the product while further achieving energy conservation and consumption reduction.  

In the production workshop of Riguan, Zhu Hongbo took a double-sided cold-dyeing and direct-printing machine as an example to give a detailed introduction to the effectiveness of CNC technology in environmental protection and energy conservation. “The traditional dyeing and finishing machinery used in the textile and garment industry not only used large amounts of water, was inefficient, but also caused serious pollution,” he said. “In the printing and dyeing process, the double-sided cold dyeing machine uses the principle of four-color separation, not only It can simultaneously realize the printing and dyeing function of fabrics with different colors and different patterns on both sides of the fabric, and fast fixing of dyes and dyes. There is no need for steaming in the production process. The urea and salt are not included in the dyeing materials, and there is no pollution to the environment.”  

It is understood that the double-sided cold-dyeing and direct-printing machine can already replace circular nets, flat nets, and batik, discharge, tie-dye, and dip-dyed printing. “At present, the double-sided cold-dyeing and direct-printing machines of Suncrown have independently developed to the “fourth generation”, and each generation has a functional improvement.” Zhu Hongbo said, “For example, the fourth generation of products, we are achieving environmental protection. Based on the energy-saving function, it also organically integrates the existing CNC machinery with the Internet and the Internet of Things. Now, as long as the technicians through the company's back-office system, they can monitor the production status of each device in real time and help customers solve the production process in time. Problems that arise: Integrating the 'Internet +' thinking into product innovation is also the direction in which textile machinery manufacturing companies need to work hard. 

However, a good product does not necessarily have a good market at the beginning. Zhu Hongbo frankly stated that due to the innovative new products of the double-sided cold-dyeing direct printing machine from Riguan, there are certain difficulties in the initial sales. In this regard, the Japanese crown is also in marketing. Continuous innovation, out of a new model of sales with financial leasing. "Not only that, we also boldly introduce products that were provided free of charge in the previous period for customers to use according to the actual conditions of the industry at the current stage, and collect rental sales models in accordance with the profitability of customers to help products be successfully promoted." Zhu Hongbo introduced.  

Zhu Hongbo said: "At present, many companies are faced with the problem of large investment in research and development of new products. We hope that the science and technology sector can further help companies broaden their financing channels, build more R&D platforms, reduce research costs, and promote the smooth transformation of enterprises and industries. upgrade."