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Sanji Industry High-temperature gas-liquid dyeing machine passed scientific and technological achievements appraisal

2018-04-02  Haining Yipin Socks Industry Co., Ltd. Views: 18

On June 24, 2017, the Foshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau presided over the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of the “ASH-plus high-temperature gas-liquid dyeing machine” project developed by Foshan Sanji Krontz Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as Santech Industrial). The appraisal committee unanimously believed that: The aircraft has innovatively developed a mechanism for air traction and dye jet exchange and separation. While fully improving the effective utilization of air flow, it has significantly reduced the power of the fan and reduced the installed power of the circulating fan to the traditional model. Less than 50%. The aircraft's overall technology has reached the international advanced level, with good demonstration and promotion value. 


According to the development of energy-saving and emission-reduction in the dyeing and finishing industry, the research and development team of Tritech Industries has taken the lead in presenting the dyeing concept of gas-liquid separation. After a year of technical research and development, the company has developed a low-energy gas-liquid dyeing machine with a number of independent intellectual property rights, which was officially put into use in dyeing factories in 2012. 

The use of air flow in the fabrics of Sanji Industry has created high permeability and expansion, which has increased the diffusion of the dye liquor and reduced the occurrence of creases. Innovatively developed a set of combined nozzles with both atomization and overflow features. According to different fabric types and dyeing requirements, the corresponding fabric and dye exchanges can be used. The overflow nozzles can form water and fabrics. The counter-current exchange improves dyeing levelling and improves the washing efficiency.