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Zhejiang Socks Product Quality Inspection Center Laboratory Opens Live

2018-04-02  Haining Yipin Socks Industry Co., Ltd. Views: 35

 On June 26th, 2014, the Zhejiang Socks Product Quality Inspection Center conducted an Open Lab Day event. Zhejiang Hosiery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qingyi Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kaiyu Garments Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Buren Socks Co., Ltd. More than 20 quality supervisors and laboratory supervisors from more than 10 socks companies, including Zhejiang Jiamengyi Hosiery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinyu Knitting Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhuji City Senweite Knitting Co., Ltd., attended the event. The targeted quality technical assistance and quality science knowledge popularization education and quality inspection popularization service were carried out, and the society showed the socks industry product quality inspection center's sophisticated testing equipment and strong technical support capabilities.

The leaders of the center first introduced the labs and open activities programs to the participants at the event and announced the open content, open projects, open form, and open frequency. Then, under the leadership of the center's chief comrades, they visited the facilities and facilities of the central laboratory. The delegates visited the hall for processing socks of the Zhejiang Socks Product Quality Inspection Center, chemical analysis laboratories, instrument analysis laboratories, and constant temperature and humidity laboratories. Physical performance laboratories, color fastness testing laboratories, and footwear testing laboratories have closely watched the quality inspection of socks and other textile products and listened to the backbone of the center's business. Many representatives took an interest in observing the detection process of fiber content, decomposable aromatic amines, color fastness, and polyester filament physical properties. Some company representatives performed the operation themselves. The core business leaders conducted on-site guidance and answer questions. Through visits and on-site operations, delegates participating in the event have a close and intuitive understanding of the product quality inspection work, which is more conducive to arouse people's attention to quality and safety, and create a good atmosphere that everyone pays attention to quality and quality. .

At present, the open laboratories are mainly chemical analysis laboratories, instrument analysis laboratories, constant temperature and humidity laboratories, physical performance laboratories, color fastness test laboratories, and footwear inspection laboratories. The open projects mainly include: textiles PH value, formaldehyde content, color fastness, fabric breaking strength, tear strength, pilling, physical properties of raw silk, footwear and other test products and projects.    

The reality of the central laboratory is open all year round, sharing inspection resources with the company. At the same time, enterprises must make an appointment 5 working days in advance for applying for free equipment. During the opening period, companies can operate on their own, or they can commission the center's professionals to operate, and they can also carry out tests and tests with the center's professionals in cooperation. Where the staff of the hospital cooperates or operates independently of the enterprise, the center exempts all expenses.