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A textile machine wins the order of 100,000 ingots for Vietnam Blum III       

2018-04-02  Haining Yipin Socks Industry Co., Ltd. Views: 18

Recently, Shanghai First Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully won the order of all combing equipment for the third phase of Blum (Vietnam). It is reported that the CJ60 cotton combing machine manufactured by the company is extremely suitable for the masses of users at home and abroad for its excellent quality, stable operation and excellent after-sales service. This is the order of the combing equipment in the Blum (Vietnam) market with a capacity of 500,000 ingots after the Blum (Vietnam) Phase I and Phase II projects. All were obtained from Shanghai Yifang Machinery Co., Ltd. As a result, the company’s overseas market has been further consolidated and expanded, and it has also taken a solid step towards the company’s internationalization strategy.